Information Overload

Information Overload

It started about a year and a half ago… seeing webinars, workshops, Facebook ads from photographers, then branding specialists, then influencers, and of course, entrepreneurs.  I began subscribing, signing up, joining groups, attempting to absorb (mostly) free advice from professionals and experts in a range of industries.  For whatever reason most of these new mentors were female, not sure why.  A dominant voice in my head though is always male, Gary V. always straight talking. 

My in-box started to become overwhelming with at least one email each day from each digital mentor I had signed up for. Before I knew it, my in-box felt like it was spammed but instead of a slew of emails informing me I won the lottery or selling me USB drives, I volunteered for all these emails.  I put myself in the line of fire of information overload!

I guess I also had the infamous “fear of missing out” syndrome, so I was told.  And maybe that was it, what did all these experts do exactly and I wanted to be an expert just like them.

This same journey also includes an important parallel story called “Instagram” overload. As a photographer for over 15 years I made perhaps a vital mistake by not jumping on the Instagram ban-wagon in 2011.  But here I was in 2016 and the thought of Instagram was kicking my ass.  Ok, that it probably exaggerating, but if you have even subscribed to one Instagram webinar, I would put some money down that you probably relate.

And that’s when I began to realize that all these experts I was admiring were all selling a different version of the same information.  And that little awakening helped me see through the overload and really start to hone in on how to take in all this information and “try” to put it into action.

But that year or more of doubting myself, comparing myself, wondering if I missed the bus really screwed with my confidence.  It was only after I attended a few events in person and began to realize that I was an expert too.  I just wasn’t on any platform to share my knowledge and maybe I was a tiny bit envious, yep, I was… I also started to redefine my confidence and started unsubscribing to information that was repetitive and setting time aside to scroll through those emails and see what articles and webinars were really worth my time.

Information overload can come in many forms, no doubt, and I’m doing my best to avoid being caught in that I.O path again, fingers crossed!